Vulnerability and Security Assessments

In this new post 911 world, the need for businesses and corporations to proactive move toward ‘hardening’ their facilities is critical. Floydcorp Security Solutions believes that every site has a unique set of security challenges and potential threats. Vulnerabilities to the infrastructure of our client’s assets drive home the need to mitigate potential threats.

Floydcorp Security Solutions provides comprehensive Vulnerability and Security Assessments to our clients in order to empower our clients to have the full knowledge of potential threats and vulnerabilities associated with their high-value assets.

Floydcorp Security Solutions recognizes that in today’s world, the identification of these threats are not just a general aspect of ‘doing business’ but are a risk management imperative!

Not only will Floydcorp Security identify these threats but also provide consulting services identifying the appropriate countermeasures to help you to reduce these vulnerabilities and threats.

The scope of our consulting services also encompasses an array of specific Police and Security-based training in the following areas:

Floydcorp Security Solutions also provides consulting services and  training for Schools Response to Critical Incidents on Campus