The Floydcorp Security Difference

Client Services

Floydcorp Security Solutions is committed to providing our clients with the comfort in knowing that your assets will be protected. The protection of your assets is paramount! We aggressively strive to ensure that our clients receive a superior level of customer service and attention through offering:

Prompt Follow-up 10-15 minute response time when inquiring about our services. So when a client calls, a Floydcorp Security representative will be contacting you. We aggressively strive to provide a timely initial Security Assessment of your facility/site (Same day)
24/7 Accessibility: You can contact a Floydcorp Security Representative for your security concerns.

When you are our client we are working on your behalf 100% and are pursuing your best interest in securing your assets. "Keeping you safe..." Taking care of our clients is what Floydcorp Security Solutions is all about.

We initiate direct contact and communication with Police Commanders of local Municipal, County, and State Police agencies in your area to keep law enforcement abreast of our presence in protecting your assets. We are committed to providing supportive communication with these   agencies in the support of existing patrol deployments of police personnel in your area.

We are committed to providing on going communication with Police Departments in your area in support of their existing patrol deployments of police personnel. This implementation maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations at your site and police services in the area of your assets.

Constant communication with our clients is key. You are always included in the loop. The Floydcorp Security Difference is our ability to give on-going information on security-based events which need the attention of our clients.

We strive hard to create a climate of Safety and Protection for our clients assets.

Our Security Professionals

Floydcorp Security Solutions believes that the most important critical aspect of our company is in the selection of our Security Professionals.

A Culture of Professionalism and Teamwork

We strive to attract and retain talented Security Professionals committed to Floydcorp Security Solutions' Core Values:

and to further develop their talents in an environment that fosters professionalism and teamwork.

A Climate of Continual Improvement

We strongly encourage our Security professionals to make suggestions that will enhance the superior level of professional Security services to our clients.

 It is our belief that no one individual can ‘corner the market’ on assessing ways to enhance the protection and security of your assets.  Utilizing the experience of our security professionals and incorporating ideas and ‘Best Practices’ in the Security industry-  is what separates us from our competition in providing  you with the highest level of security based service.

Incorporating a philosophy of continuous improvement in security operations helps to enrich our firm's commitment in providing you with the highest level of professionalismand service.

Floydcorp Security Solutions will continually keep you apprised of changes in security operations that will further enhance the protection of your assets.

Through the process of continuous improvement, Floyydcorp Security Solutions is constantly thinking of innovative ways to enhance our security operations for our clients which will ultimately separate us from our competition.improvement.

Our Security Officers and Managers, several who possess advanced degrees, come from military and law enforcement backgrounds and thoroughly screened prior to employment.

Many of our Security Professionals, due in large part to their honorable dedication and service to our country, have received extensive training in Homeland Security and specialized tactical operations while serving in the military.

The same level of training holds true for our Security Professionals with many years of honorable service with Municipal, County, and State law enforcement agencies.  

Our Security Professionals, many enriched with core values from a military and law enforcement framework,  provides a seamless transition of knowledge in moving Floydcorp Security Solutions into becoming a premier Security firm in local, regional, and emerging global markets.