Executive Protection

Floydcorp Security Solutions philosophy is that Personal and Private Protection should present more than just providing a visible deterrent value for our clients. In today’s world of innumerable of security threats, Executive Protection must involve a dynamic approach in the delivery of specialized Protective Services.

Our approach emphasizes aggressively answering the call on challenges which may negatively impact on the safety and security of our clients. Strong on-going communication with our clients as well as our determination to mitigate unforeseen challenges is what separates Floydcorp Security Solutions apart from our competitors.

Above all, confidentiality and a high level of attention to detail is a characteristic Floydcorp Security Solutions values when delivering professional Executive Protection Services. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce or eliminate challenges and circumstances detrimental to our client’s reputation and credibility.

Planning ahead and preparing for these potential threats requires a meticulous approach to pre-operational event planning in order to ensure that the appropriate countermeasures are exacted for our clients.

We strive to ensure that our clients are never inconvenienced. Our clients will always come first in the delivery of our services. Our Security Agents are well trained on their obligation to be responsive to all levels of client security services and to ensure that the overall well being of the client is addressed.

Floydcorp Security Solutions wants to protect your public profile, provide unparalleled professionalism and superior Customer Service to you our most important asset!

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