Floydcorp Security Solutions provide retail sales of a variety of security products aimed at detecting and identifying security threats in real time as they occur.

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Our line of security products provides instantaneous notification to management on potential security breeches. This capability of real time detection and alert notification provides our clients with the necessary managerial tools to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency of their business. 

Floydcorp Security Solutions firmly believes our most important critical assets are our Security Professionals. We aim to empower our sales team members through creating a climate that values and supports talented professionals.

 Our company firmly believes that by proactively listening and responding to the suggestions and utilizing the collective abilities of our sales team enriches the value of our company and will separate us from the competition. This is our Competitive Advantage.

Floydcorp Security Solutions ambitious Sales Plan is predicated on taking full advantage of the collective competencies of our talented Sales Professionals.

Our Sales plan is designed to position our company toward achieving high levels of sales without compromising quality of service to our clients. Our Sales Professionals are both friendly and responsive to the needs of our clients.

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